Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A peep of impracticality

The snow in Chicago is almost gone.

Really. Almost. Sure, there are still some huge piles of dirt covered snow in the corners of streets and parking lots that's now showing leaves, lost gloves, trash and possibly a partially decayed, partially frozen small mammal, and yes, the piles of snow get grosser every day, but they're also getting smaller every day.

The new lack of snow opens up a whole world of options regarding footwear, in particular, peep toes. And even more exciting than the regular peep-toe; there's the world of the bizarre peep-toe-boot.

A boot, with that little peek-a-boo tip. It's a little rock and roll, and a little insane. I bought my first pair after running into them in Bakers and falling in love. Amazing. They were leather, mid-calf, platform stilettos with a silver-studded rose adorning one side. Really, who would not need these shoes?

As I was teetering around the store with cold toes and warm calves I realized something: These shoes are completely impractical.

Now I have a long, long relationship with impractical shoes, and like any good shoe lover I can figure out a way to make them practical and worth the money.

Gold metallic boots- they go with that leopard skirt
Fluevogs- Sure, they're an investment in my shoe future
Gold pumps- you would actually be surprised how often you wear them
Hot pink slingbacks with a red suede rose on the toe- I had to buy stuff to go with them, but they have served me well

I could continue this insane list, but then what future entries would I have?

But that day I really couldn't come up with a reason to drop $100+ on these boots. Sure, they were amazing, but they were not work appropriate, you can barely walk in them, and they can only be worn with things that are above the calf and they have a giant leather rose on them.

So I walked out and did what every self-respecting woman does when leaving something she loves- I obsessed. And not just a normal obsession, but one that involved stalking them online on my lunch and bookmarking the page so I could look at them.

Then the unimaginable happened.  They sold out.

It was horrible. All I could think about was the awful, unfashionable people who bought those boots. I bet they were wearing them with long skirts, or hiding the beautiful tops under jeans. And they were probably ugly. Yes. Everyone who bought those shoes was ugly- and I must save the shoes and find them so they have a cute, fashionable owner.

In my panic I started searching the style name, and style number, and other websites. Everywhere- and everywhere I went I hit the little drop down to size 7 and got the same message: SOLD OUT.

I was obviously in shoe hell. This is what it would be like. A world full of cute shoes and they all only come in a 10.

Finally, after the 380th website, success. They had them, in my size. So I whipped out the plastic and typed in the numbers, my address, and I'm pretty sure I ordered a second pair of shoes off the site to celebrate my success and get free shipping.

Five to seven business days later they arrived at my house in their nice, neat little box. They smelled like leather and the studs were cold to the touch. I walked around the house in them all evening, just loving the feel of them, promising to love them forever.

Since then I have worn then maybe three times. They're just not that practical, but damn do they look nice in my closet.

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