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Animal Attack

When my mom finds a sweater she likes, she then buys it in multiple colors. I never understood it. Then I saw this amazing pair of leopard shoes and found myself wondering, how many pairs of leopard shoes is too many? I think it's a family trait.

I currently have two pair of leopard shoes. One is a pair of Mary Jane style wedges I hate and never wear. They will soon be in a garage sale. Another is a fabulous pair of Steve Madden with a wooden platform and heel and they're made of pony hair! How could those be any cooler?

How about if they have a giant red ruffle on them?

These shoes are so me that I had three people email me photos of them, and I tried to convince a friend to buy them so I can borrow them. She did not bite, and I was really having a hard time justifying this purchase.

So then my thought was that I should find the same shoe with a peep toe, and then it's a totally different look. But then, these aren't horse hair, so it's really not the same shoe.

Calls to friends and a text message to my fiance all went ignored, which is what happens when I ask stupid questions like "Do I need another pair of leopard shoes?"

Silence generally means "no".

A long conversation with a friend over martinis that evening made me feel better about not buying the shoes, because he affirmed that my next leopard shoe purchase should be peep toes, no ruffle, and he recommended that they be horse hair sling-backs.  Maybe it was the vodka martinis, and maybe my bizarre love of leopard shoes, or shoes that can also be pet, but that sounds like a great idea.

Then again, maybe I should switch to zebra prints for a little while.


Ncottone said…
Dying laughing! Keep them coming! I love reading!!!