Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My pride and joy

I have lots of shoes. Really, I mean lots. And just like children, I love them all equally, and some days some more more favorite than others.

Today I rocked the Fluevogs, which are my one and only pair, (which is why there's no further description) and they are once again my favorite child.

Now maybe I really do just look cute today. I'm rocking a fitted, black cap sleeve sweater and argyle skirt with black tights...and the Fluevogs. People have stopped me in the hall, the lunchroom, the bathroom, one even came into my office, just to tell me they like my outfit and the shoes are amazing.

Notice the last part. The shoes are amazing. Not the sweater, that goes with anything. The skirt, cute, but professional. But the shoes. Oh man. These shoes are fabulous. Traffic stopping fabulous.

True story. Someone once stopped me in the street to tell me how amazing these shoes were.

I guess that's good because a few years ago I spent my whole bonus check to buy them from the John Fleuvog store in Wicker Park. I could have spent the money on something better, like bills or rent, but I had to have these shoes.

Seems it was the best shoe-investment ever. I really should start buying more Fluevogs in lieu of rent and bills.

These should be my next purchase from this genius designer

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