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BBQ Shoes

I attended a Memorial Day barbecue this weekend, and as usual obsessed over what to wear. It was like 3,000 degrees in Chicago that day, and summer clothes, let alone casual clothes are not my strong suit. I finally settle on a plaid halter sundress and a pair of black patent sandals I picked up in Las Vegas.

Sundress, sandals. Seems pretty casual to me.

So imagine my surprise when I walked in and someone looked at me and asked, "Do you ever not dress up?"

Ummm....yeah. Now. I'm not dressed up. There's no sequins, no feathers, nothing is tight, inappropriate, or paired with a suit jacket.I'm wearing sandals. Sure, they're super cute, have a platform wedge, and didn't come out of the flip flop discount bin at Old Navy, but they're hardly fit for the office, let alone a night at the opera.

Apparently in some worlds any dress is dressed up. At least I have my also over dressed fiance there with me, rocking his own inappropriate BBQ shoes and a button down. We're quite a pair.


Cat said…
I also want to note that the scrape on my foot is not because I fell over in a pair of heels. It's the place where my evil (and flat) flip flops rubbed my foot raw.