Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doll Parts

When I was a kid I loved Barbie. Big surprise, right? The girl obsessed with fashion and heels loves the doll who has more clothes than anyone and feet that are eternally ready for skyscraper heels. 

As I grew older I didn't really grow out of Barbie and much as I grew up with her. She can do anything. Astronaut, president, teacher, rock star, and finally (in the form of the Mad Men dolls) they release Marketing Barbie. To which all of my friends respond, "I thought you already were Marketing Barbie."

I can only dream, and they mock me. 

My personal collection of Barbie dolls is actually lacking, despite my love of the doll. I occasionally stalk the Barbie Collector website and make mental notes of dolls I want, and may never obtain, and continue to envy Barbie's fashion and her relationship with designers such as Bob Mackie, Chanel, Jonathan Adler (even her furniture is designer) and now, Christian Louboutin.

Never have I wanted to transform into Barbie more than I do right now. She even comes with extra shoes from this amazing and iconic designer, who I feel should comprise a majority of my shoe collection. (The only thing I actually collect).

Louboutin's designs may not be as blatantly artistic as Alexander McQueen or as bizarrely wearable as John Fleuvog, but they reflect a classic look that refuses to go out of style, truly making them an investment for a lifetime.

Which, ironically, is precisely why I don't own a pair, because my lifetime investments (which are pathetic) are tied up in 401Ks and other "responsible" ventures.

Oh continue to torment me with your fashion, height, and now your shoes.

The one place I had a leg up, and the plastic bitch beats me again.

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