Friday, June 4, 2010

In need of rain boots

The weather in Chicago has decided to match my mood, and it has started spontaneously starting and stopping raining, with thunderstorms imminent.

In a great twist of irony, I wore my sunniest shoes ever today. Literally, they're yellow. And I have approximately one item of clothing that matches these shoes.

Yellow, patent leather, open toe wedges from Delicious. I can't be mad about the fact that they only match one thing because they were on massive sale. Such a sale, that they're existence to wear with one shirt (which I got post shoe purchase) was totally justifiable.

They also have an open white wedge, so it's kind of like wearable art. Sunny, wearable art.

Unfortunately the lack of platform, open toe and patent leather-ness of the shoe is going to make my walk home a real bitch, because I'm sure the skies will open and I'll be sliding all over in my shoes, afraid of taking them off and stepping on a piece of glass, a needle, rusty nail, big rock....

My sister keeps telling me to buy rain boots. I look, and just shrug off every pair I see. They're all so fisherman-like. They're made of rubber, and kind of ugly. Some of them have this weird, powdery appearance, and none of them have heels. (actually some do, but that's a separate set of atrocities). 

So tonight, I probably going to get caught in another sunny rainstorm (already happened once today) and will slip and slide in my sunny, yellow wedges, and all around me hipsters in their Hunter boots will be secretly laughing at me as they go puddle stomping.

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