Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taping the answers

"Do you walk in those?"

This is asked of me as I'm standing and heating up my lunch in the kitchen at work.

A blank stare followed the question.

"They're crazy. They're cute, but do you actually walk in them?"

I got to the lunchroom, didn't I? And really, they're not that crazy. Clown shoes are crazy. And the heel isn't that high.

I refrain from making all these comments, and simply respond that yes, I do walk in them, no my feet don't hurt, and no they're not hard to walk in.

I should have this on tape so I can play it when people ask all of those questions, which happens a lot. My shoes have always gotten these questions, and generally I think they're pretty dumb, and self explanatory.

If I couldn't walk in my shoes I would have fallen over, and I'll admit that it's happened, but not on a weekday. Yes, my feet sometimes hurt in crazy heels, and Chucks gave me blisters, so flat shoes can suck it because they're no better. And if they're really honest to goodness hard to walk in, chances are I won't be wearing them to the office where I am inevitably forced to walk around.

I had no idea that fashion, or shoes that break the mold were so scary to people until I started really expanding my shoe collection. So no, red metallic sandals don't go with everything, and I don't wear them to run marathons, but let's at least give me credit for some common sense.


Francesca said...

I like them! You always did look fab in Red :)

Anonymous said...

worn with pants, they even are modest !