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Funerals and unique shoes

Today I said goodbye to my Godmother Kathy. She was an amazing woman, and died suddenly, and unexpectedly late last week.

Recently I spent some time with her at her daughter's wedding, and we talked for quite some time. She was quite a fan of Cat in Heels, and loved seeing all my different shoes, and reading about what I've been doing in my shoes. She loved shoes, frequented DSW, always had something to say about what I was wearing, and was always supportive of my writing. Kathy loved reading newspaper articles I wrote, blogs, and was always giving me journals, asking me when I was going to join my father as a published author.

As I was getting ready this morning I realized that I should wear some good shoes for Kathy. Steve Madden heels were paired with a black dress and a lot of Kleenex. I knew she would like them because they're different, just like me. And different just like her.

They didn't keep me from sinking into the grass, and they didn't make me feel better, or not miss her, or not bawl my eyes out, but they were something she would have liked, and today, that was the best tribute I could think of.