Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The cost of fashion

The Daily Express in the UK ran an article about what women spend on shoes in their lifetime. They said it was about $20,000 and assumes that the average woman has 16 pairs of shoes.

I think that may mean that I'll spend about $50,000 in my lifetime, if not more, based on the fact that I have way more than 16 pair of shoes.

That figure is in no way based on real math, so it could be more over the course of my life. Couple that with the more than seven pairs a year my significant other buys, and he and I will have spent enough in a lifetime to buy a small island.

The article goes on to say that women own an average of six pairs of flip flops and ballet flats (I have 2 flip flops and 0 ballet flats), three pair of boots (I don't really have time to dig those out and count), two pairs of "work shoes (what the hell is a work shoe?), four pairs of "foxy shoes" for going out (shouldn't all shoes be foxy?), and a random pair (like clown shoes?).

I'm not sure how things go in the UK, but when I was there (years and years ago) I bought like six pairs of shoes. I also remember people being rather fashionable, mostly because they don't wear gym shoes all the time like people do in the states, so they got props for that. 

I guess I'm just more of a pro than some of the "average" shoe shoppers out there, and maybe it's something that I should seek therapy for, but I have to admit, knowing that I'll spend more than $20,000 in a lifetime on shoes doesn't really bother me. Instead it makes me feel accomplished. Like I should buy more shoes and really throw the average all to hell.

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