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Charitable acts of ugly

A few weeks ago I asked a co-worker if she wanted to take part in a charity 5K run/walk our office was participating in.

The exchange went back and forth via email as we pressured one another to participate, and finally I got this:   You will have to wear gym shoes though.  Can you handle it?

Thanks for the vote of confidence. 

I am happy to report that I not only did the whole thing in more than 80 degree heat with humidity that can only come from a swampland, but I'm not sore today, and my feet didn't shrivel up and fall off for wearing a pair of New Balance cross trainers. 

Today I am back in heels, and no, there will not be photos of athletic shoes. They're all ugly. I look at the whole event, from wearing athletic shoes to walking/jogging 3.6 miles in almost 90 degree weather all part of my charitable contribution.  


VelvetJinxx said…
The other day my friend saw me at the beach in Niko's flip flops. She was like, "Jenna, why don't you buy yourself a pair of nice shoes". You mean nice flip flops? I can't bring myself to buy them because they are UGLY. (Yet necessary in a pinch - such as trudging through sand.)
Cat said…
Funny. I just bought a pair of argyle flip flops that help feed shelter dogs. Charity and sequins...that's the only way I'll wear something less than stellar.