Monday, July 19, 2010

Fighting gold

Sometimes shoes pinch a little. Or they pull, or the buckle digs into your toe, the back chafes your ankle, and so on. The issues you can have with shoes is endless. This being said, discomfort in the name of fashion is something I put up with a little more than other people. So when the gold sandals I got a few weeks ago were not all that comfortable, I ignored it.

Saturday I was getting ready to go out, and was trying on gold shoes to wear with my black Armani tank. Gold slingbacks, bronze mules, or gold strappy gladiators. There were multiple stops in the evening, so it had to be something that could go from house warming to punk pretty seamlessly while pulling out the gold and bronze sequin detail of the top.

Gold gladiators it was. Never mind the fact that my toes went numb last time I wore them. This time would be different. This is what I told myself as I jammed my feet in them, when one fell off the bed and landed on the floor sole side up; and there, staring at me from the floor was the little print that answered all my questions.

6 1/2.

I wear a 7 dammit! I ordered a 7, and stupidly, I assumed that people knew how to do their job and send me the size I ordered. I didn't check. I could get my foot in them, so they obviously fit, even if it hurt a little. And now that I've worn them there's no returning them. So the problem is not my fat little feet, it's that someone in the fulfillment department is an idiot.

Michael Antonio, I hate you every time I wear these.

By the end of the night I was pretty sure the pinky toe on my right foot had fallen off (you don't need that one anyway), and I couldn't wait to get those off. My feet even hurt the next morning at the monthly Sister's Brunch at Nordstrom.

Two days later I'm still not sure my feet have recovered, but the feeling in my little toe finally came back.


dc said...

Can you complain to the company and see if they can credit you even a portion of what you paid? Because I am with you--who checks to make sure they were sent the right size? I know I wouldn't. I'd assume the people did their job. Do you still have the packing slip or order receipt? If you can prove you were sent the wrong size, you might be able to get reimbursed, even though they are worn.

Cat said...

DC- I spoke with someone today and they're sending a 7 out free of charge. Amazing! Good thing too because I really do like those shoes.