Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rolling out at weddings

A few years ago I was traveling for work and was stopped because my suitcase came in above the 50 lb max. It was like 51 lbs or something. So the baggage handler asked me to open  it up, take a pair of shoes out and transfer them to my other bag.

This would not work, I explained. There were no shoes in the overweight bag, they were all in the second bag.

He stared at me slack jawed for a moment and told me to forget about it and put the bags through.

Shoes generally aren't portable. They're bulky, don't pack well, and if you have heels like mine, you risk stabbing your luggage or ripping something. Sure, it's a pain, but it's a price to pay for having a pair of shoes for every outfit.

Luckily, someone has solved all of our shoe packing problems, and come up with a rollable shoe. Rolleez. Please note the sarcasm. Jury is still out on this one people. 

A friend sent them to me and said she's buying them for her bridesmaids so they don't all change into flip flops at the wedding.

Now, they're better than the slipper things I thought she was talking about, but they're still shoes that come in a roll. Though they do claim to have a "Signature Collection" that comes in nine different colors with clever names like "Boisterous Black" and "Couture Copper."

How very chic of them.

While I'm inclined to agree that they're better than actual slippers, and better than some flip flops, I generally stay away from shoes that come in small, medium and large. And shoes that have enough flexibility to roll. Fashion doesn't have to be that functional.

Then again if given the choice between bridesmaids wearing these or wearing Crocs (which Figgy has threatened), I'll take Rolleez


Kate said...

I wish I could pull myself away from my love of pumps to wear heels once in a while!

Cat said...

I totally count pumps as heels. They're just a different type. They're certainly more comfortable than stilettos.

Allison The Imp said...

These look like the ballet slippers you can buy in the sleepwear department of a lot of stores. Even if they are gold I'm not buying it. Sorry.

Cat said...

I'm always weary of shoes that come in S, M, and L. What's wrong with normal flats at weddings? Why are people always trying to change into "comfy" shoes (ie: slippers and flip flops)?