Thursday, July 8, 2010

No new adventures, pain and doggy play dates

It seems that the Fourth of July weekend put every blogger in America on vacation. News, politics, was only the people with kids who had anything to blog about, and even then it generally took until Monday for us to see pictures of Suzy and Billy in their red, white and blue waving sparklers at the camera.

I did not wear red, white and blue, but there are pictures of me waving sparklers at the camera.

Even my shoes were bored this last weekend. I spent the entire time in a pair of platform sandals, previously designated for BBQs and the like, and managed to do very little except eat, sleep, spend some time with the family (including my princess niece, who learned all about purses) and hang out with my dog.

So last night it was it was wine and puppy play date with Laura and Axl (you can deduce who is the human and who is the dog), and again, no shoes because Laura hurt her toe when it lost against a door in a fight. Right in time for summer and sandal season.

The dogs then proceeded to sped the whole evening running over her foot as they chased each other around like maniacs.

At least she's still rocking a pedicure and cute flip flops with that band aid. Maybe we can find one with glitter for special occasions this summer.

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