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A tale of two purples

My purple shoes were dying. The straps are almost torn off, the elastic is dead, the soles are worn through, there's scuffs all over the toe, and the leather is torn. The inside of the shoe is in awful shape, having passed comfort long ago and going straight into nasty.

I've posted on Facebook about it all before. Every time I wear them (which is pretty frequently), bitching and moaning about my poor purple shoes and the fact that I couldn't find anything I liked enough to replace them.

Two shades of purple matches everything
Last week I finally saw a pair that would suffice as some kind of sad ass replacement. Purple patent leather, slingback, peep toe with a 1" platform and a 4" heel.

I got all caught up on the shinyness of the leather how cute the peep toe was, and ordered them. Today they arrived in their little box, all stuffed with paper and those little packets of poision that repeatedly tell you not to eat them. I slid them on and pranced around the dining room like a prom queen.

My husband looked over and remarked how nice they were.

"Thanks. They're replacing my other purple shoes. But these only have one shade of purple in them, and the others have two, so I'm still one purple pair of shoes short," I explained.

"Do you even own any purple clothes?
"Yes. Lots."
"What? When the hell did you become Prince and the Revolution?"

This sent me into peals of laughter, and I went to get the old heels so he could see the different purples.

New, one color, inferior heels
"Yeah, I get it," he said, "I just missed when you got all these purple clothes and turned into the Clown Prince of Crime. But whatever. They're cute and if you can walk in them, who gives a shit."

As if there's a shoe I can't walk in. I then proceeded to explain were I got each purple item and what shade it was (none of which he remembered or cared).

This is one of the innate differences between men and women. We see shades of purple. Lilac, eggplant, purple, light purple, deep purple. They see the Joker and Prince.

I guess there's worse things than dressing like Prince. Actually, that could be kind of cool.

So the quest for purple shoes continues. The ones I got today may fill the light purple range, but there's still a whole realm of deep purple and eggplant that my wardrobe is missing, plus I'll need a closed toe for winter. Or maybe I can find a nice boot in an eggplant color.

I'll just keep ordering purple shoes in various styles and shapes and see if Prince has space for me on his tour. I come with costumes already included.


Anonymous said…
Isn't Zinnia actually 2 different shades of purple? Because the heel looks a different color then the rest of the shoe. Just curious :)
Cat said…
The heel is slightly darker, but that's hard to see when you're wearing them, and it doesn't blend as much as my previous pair of now deceased heels.