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Doctor, Doctor!

Shoes wear out. I realize that, and am totally OK with it.

Sometimes I can get them fixed. A new heel cap or sole does wonders to breathe life into a new pair of shoes. Then other times shoes are damaged in a way that makes you want to cry. (Like when my puppy chewed the strap off a Fluevog). Or today when I saw a tear in a pair of Steve Madden shoes that are near and dear to me.

From this angle it's hard to see the tear.
These are affectionately known as my "Grandma" shoes, because she would have loved them. That means their either old lady shoes, or my grandma had awesome taste in footwear. Hint: It was totally the latter.

So you can imagine my horror today when I saw a tear in the side of my white and black snakeskin shoes. A tear in the middle of the shoe, near the seam, that was a folded piece that created a little pocket. A little pocket of terror. A pocket with a tear that is threatening to become something larger and ultimately destroy my shoe.

How does something like this happen? My shoes are cared for. Kept on racks, never stacked or tossed. They're never worn in the snow or mud, and that naughty little puppy grew up a little and no longer chews. So really? How?

It really threw me for a loop, and was probably more upsetting than it should have been.

Thanks to the Facebook followers who gave me advice. I will be taking these to the shoe doctor. My Grandma shoes. The shoes I wore to my Godmother's funeral. Heels that have been to endless family events. Baby and bridal showers, and worn to meetings. Shoes people stop me on the street to compliment. The shoes that make me feel grown up and youthful at the same time. Shoes so unique I haven't seen something similar since I bought them.

Please doctor. Fix my beloved shoes.