Thursday, May 5, 2011

I want Kandee

Writing about shoes is an exercise in masochism for me.  I write and research different fads, trends, and designers, torturing myself with pictures of shoes and information about shoes that cost more than my first car (which was a piece of shit).

The information gets emailed to me in droves. Daily emails of shoe sales and new designer lines, new trends, new things I must have to stay at the forefront of shoedom. Wonderful, beautiful things that I write about, link to and obsess over that I don't own (like Swarovski encrusted Louboutins).

Various Kandee shoes
 Then there are the ones that actually come within the budget, and then you want the whole line and the budget is shot to hell.

Enter my new obsession: Kandee shoes.

A small UK designer has put together all the best trends into any kind of shoe you can think of and sweetened them up with names like "Tang," "Space Sherbet," "Peanut Crunch" and "Blue Raspberry Slushy."

Zero calories, and bound to look good on almost anyone. I love how far they take the "Candy Land" joke on their website. The branding is great, and it's fun, with little stories on the website about Princess Kandee and a wallpaper of colorful dime store candy that only taste good to the taste buds of a child. 

Kandee's spiky sweet "Mash'A'Mallow" heel was recently posted on my Facebook page and I spent days answering Twitter requests and emails on where to order it. Hopefully by the time I get around to ordering them there are still a few left in my size. Others are full of sparkle, colors (and the hot color blocking), sky high heels, killer platforms, and yes there are flats (although I generally ignore those).

I think in the coming months we'll continue to see Kandee grow, and maybe even come over to the stores in the states. (They do ship worldwide). This company is one celebrity red carpet photo from being as well known as Willy Wonka.

Once Kandee is a common name and found alongside their funky shoe counterparts, there's still room to grow. One online article I read even posted rumors of an eventual men's line, which makes sense. Who doesn't like candy?

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