Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner with Cat and Stressful Shoes

Apparently going out to dinner with me is stressful.

This week I was scheduled to have dinner with a friend. The night before our dinner my friend posted that she was stressing out about which shoes she was supposed to wear to dinner with me.

Really, am I that judgmental?

These are "big girl shoes."
I assured my friend, via Twitter and text messages throughout the day that she could wear whatever shoes she wanted. We hadn't gotten together for months, and if she wanted to wear one gym shoe and one slipper, I still be happy to see her. I would also probably make fun of her, but that's because it would be funny looking.

After work we met up, and true to her word, she was wearing her "big girl shoes."

Normally a statuesque blond, she now towered over six feet tall, making any added height I had totally inconsequential. At my best I can get to 5'8", which is her height in flats.

The "big girl" shoes she was so proud of? A nude patent with a round toe, smartly paired with a iridescent brown pant.

The funny thing being that we were sitting in a restaurant, and I'm pretty sure no one saw our shoes. Plus when she stands up you notice how tall she is, and not necessarily her shoes.

Then again, with me standing next to her, no one notices my shoes either since I just look like a small child standing next to her.  Which is really a shame because they were super cute.

I also want to note that I cropped out the Crocks-covered foot of whatever poor, unfortunate, stylistically void individual happened to be walking by at the moment.

And yes, I guess I really am that judgmental.

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