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Living With One Pair of Heels

Traveling for work as much as I do (which is still a lot less than some people) I have gotten pretty good at packing light. This usually means only bringing one pair of heels (gasp!), plus my gym shoes.

The trip I just got back from was to Miami for three nights, witch turned into four thanks to a snowstorm in Chicago, and the only heels I brought were vanilla patent pumps. They matched the gray pinstripe pants, beige and tan pants, and the black dress with the beige cardigan.

They even go with jeans
What they didn't really go with were the sweaters I bought at Zara on total impulse my first day there, or the shirt from Banana Republic with the giant bow over one shoulder.

By the time I left Miami, I had bought enough clothes to stay in the city another 7 days without repeating an outfit, but the fact that I had been wearing the same heels for days was killing me.

Seriously, I don't know how people only own two or three pairs of shoes.

Only a couple of days and I was going nuts. Sure, I also had my gym shoes but you know I wasn't going to wear those out. And I certainly couldn't wear them while at business functions.

I thought about going out and buying new heels, but there really wasn't time. Maybe next time I should try not to limit myself so much and I should bring another pair of heels.

Black pumps can always go a long way too.