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Starry-eyed Shopping

Last week I went for snow boots on my lunch. Because I haven't done that 1,000 times before and not found a damn thing.

This time I was particularly determined to find boots. I had scouted ahead, found them online, priced them, and all that good stuff. I decided this trip would be to Aldo, and if all else failed, I'd go to Nordstrom after work.
So I walked through the cold and snow of Michigan Avenue and realized that Aldo was much further than I thought it was, and by the time I arrived my shoes were a mess, my pants were wet and I was again cursing winter and determined to find snow boots.
I love these more than snow boots

I went in focused. I found what I was looking for, asked to see it, and then while I was waiting I start perusing the sale racks.
This is such an amazing time of year for sales.

By the time they arrived with the boots for me to try on, I had an armload of heels to try on.
I don't even need to explain that the boots didn't fit right and I passed on them. Instead I ended up looking at a million pairs of heels.
Seriously, they have a great sale going on right now....

Of course within 20 minutes I've decided I hate all their boots, non of them are going to work, and instead I need a pair of black pumps with silver stars on them.

Biggest snow boot fail in history.
But these are the first pumps with stars on them that I have. That should totally count for something.


elizabethlola said…
I did the exact same thing the other day! Went in for snow boots and came out with 6 inch silver pumps.

These are gorgeous! And definitely more fabulous than any snow boot!