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Shoe Blasphemy

I am about to commit shoe-lover blasphemy. I have an opinion that goes against everything you've been told by bloggers all over.

I don't care for ShoeMint.

I'll give you a moment to clutch your pearls and call me some horrible names before proceeding with my argument.

Wedge booties I've been wearing for months.
First, let me say that I don't own any ShoeMint shoes, and I know nothing of their construction. They're probably great. I generally like Steve Madden and I have plenty of his heels.

In all honesty I had great hopes for ShoeMint. Steve Madden is great. Shoe clubs are cute, and I kind of love the idea of a celebrity collaboration. I let all my readers know, bought into the hype, and waited with bated breath for the big launch.

At which point I then made a face and went, "That's it?"

Almost everything was freakishly close to stuff I already own. A pair of teetering Mary Jane stilettos, lace up wedge booties I didn't like, and wedge booties that are like every other wedge bootie out this season. So I waited, hoping they would release something more exciting, which they didn't. By the time I finally decided to begrudgingly order the Pauline wedge booties in Wine (because I already own a pair of black wedge ankle boots), they were sold out of my size. Then January's showroom was released and I again made a face at my underwhelming and very beige showroom full of stuff I can find anywhere.

Steve Madden, you can totally do better.

Suede and patent sky-high heels
Maybe this is Rachel Bilson's fault. I admit to never seeing anything she's been in (except for possibly that episode of Buffy) and knowing little to nothing about her, but I'm not generally overwhelmed or impressed by anything I see her in. Did I miss the moment in time "style icons" look like they shop exclusively at Gap unless they're on the red carpet?

StyleMint collaborated with the Olsen Twins for a line. I don't generally care for their style, but they are known for their clothes, and I respect them for their fashion choices. Homeless chic is totally a look because of them.

BeautyMint teamed up with Jessica Simpson for skincare, and she does have good skin (and already has a successful line of shoes), so again, this makes sense. So when they rolled around to shoes did they just grab a name out of a hat? Look for some cute young actress who has feet?

I can think of a billion collaborations that would have been way more exciting, and all those people have feet too.

How about Steve Madden with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj or even the Olsen Twins again? Hell, I'll have a couple phone calls and emails with Steve and we can knock out some great heels that don't look like something I bought at Aldo three years ago. I promise.