Sunday, January 29, 2012

Outside and Breaking In

I once had a sales associate at at shoe store tell me that I would ruin the sole of my shoes if I wore them outside.

On the list of dumb shit I've heard in my life, this ranks up there.

Aside from the obvious fact that a main purpose of any kind of footwear is to protect your feet from the elements, I was unaware that there are shoes that have soles not meant for outside.

Sure, there's a billion different materials, accouterments, designs, styles and materials that can make shoes a little more difficult to wear in various outside weather, but to not be able to wear them on concrete seems a little insane.

One of the first ways I break in a new pair of heels is to take them on a stroll around the neighborhood, wear them on my commute to work, or walk the dog around the block in them. It helps the shoe conform to your foot, gives you an idea of where the problem points will be (if any) and tears up the bottom a little so when you are inevitably inside on carpet you don't feel like your feet may slide out from under you at any moment.

So much better after a walk uphill.
I had this issue last week with a new Pair of Nine West shoes I ordered. Black and gray snakeskin Mary Janes. The perfect heels to go with just about anything. The problem was they arrived while I was on a business trip and I wore them when I got back on a rainy day, which means I changed into them at the office.

Too bad I didn't take my own advice.

Suddenly slipping on the floor, trying not to spill a full cup of coffee, wondering how long I have to wait until I can take the long elevator ride back downstairs and scuff my shoes around the cobblestone outside te building.

Then my day exploded and the answer was "never." Instead I spent the afternoon trying not to fall on my ass, improperly breaking in a pair of very stiff shoes. By the end of the day my feet were screaming.

A couple days later I decided to wear them again, this time paired with a aqua blue skirt and black sweater. I wore them out of the house, on the bus, and walked up the hill with them on. By the time I got to the office they were perfect. The bottoms weren't slippery, they were broken in, weren't pulling, and were paired with an even better outfit than the first time I wore them.

See, heels are always better after a good stroll on the concrete and a little breaking in. And with a good outfit.

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