Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giving Winter the Boot

I totally lied about getting winter boots today.

I'd wear them, but not in snow.
Well, I didn't lie. I just didn't get around to it. And once I looked at the weather forecast in Chicago for the next 10 days and saw that today is the coldest day we're having for a little while, I decided I can hold off on spending obscene amounts of money on hideous things for just a little bit longer.

Maybe in the meantime I can find something cute. Which is really my problem. I struggle to find something cute that also serves any kind of function at all other than to adorn your feet with fabulousness.

@GlamB0t asked me on Twitter what are cute boots that are warm and can withstand snow and rain. After thinking and thinking (and struggling with this myself), I have come to the conclusion that the answer is they don't exist.

Sure, there's the Hunter heeled rain boot, which isn't awful, and you can add a liner to it for the instant snow boot, but that heel will send you right on your ass when there's an inch of ice on the ground that has been covered in snow.

Now we're on to something flat (already not that cute). There's real Hunters with the furry inserts, which many people swear by, but I can't get over the "I'm six-years-old" look of galoshes. Let's be serious, there's nothing glam about rubber boots.

Make it stop!
Moving on through the list of warm and flat, there's always Moon Boots, which I totally thought were a joke until I saw them in Nordstrom. Nope, they're real, uglier than when we were a kid, and look like they were designed by someone who loved Rainbow Brite and LSD (at the same time).

We're just wiping UGGs off the list right now since they're expensive, hideous and not even waterproof. And I don't care if they're comfy and warm. So are my slippers, but you'll never see me wearing those in public.

At least there's fur. 
Back to function, Sorel also makes a snow boot that looks pretty functional, is waterproof, comes in a variety of prints and colors, and some have faux fur (which is always a plus). But there's that word...functional. I shudder at the thought.

So here I am in another Chicago winter (which can be a total bitch) without snow boots. I have a coat, hat, gloves, 4,000 scarves (thanks Mom), and they're all cute. Which is exactly why they don't get paired with boots made of plastic, plaid and doll parts, and my hunt for boots continues into another year.

Hopefully I can manage to put it all off for another few months, ride out the winter again, and not manage to lose any toes. Besides, the weather's already warming up this week.

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@TheGlamB0t said...

Cat! I love it! I have also come to the conclusion that there are no functional and fashionable all weather boots! Love the post! (and Rainbow Brite!!)