Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heel Hell

As you get older some things in life seem to become an ineviatibility. Like the text I got today about bunions.

"I think I have a bunion and I have to go to the podiatrist!"

Taryn Rose shoes that don't make you hate your feet.
This came in from my hair stylist friend who stands day in and day out making the world a more beautiful place one head of hair at a time.

I offered sympathies and told her to rock a pair of combat boots all 1990s instead of giving in to the suggestion of orthopedic shoes. I got some sort of half-hearted response that pretty much told me to go to hell. This all made me wonder, is there such a thing as a "good" heel and are heels really to blame for all the world's bunions?

The Internet is wildly divided on this issue (because it's the most reliable source ever). Apparently narrow shoes cause bunions because they push your big toe in against your other toes, so I guess that could include flats. And as for heels being good for you, there were actually websites that said that was the case. The Daily Mail had a whole article (with no date) that said heels are actually good for your knees.

This should be my next illogical purchase from DSW.
As someone with knee problems and an insane number of high heels, I can safely say this statement is bullshit. They can also make your back hurt, especially if you add a pair of tits to further compress your lower spine. But they can give your legs one hell of a workout and make you look amazing.

A little discomfort is a small price to pay for looking good.

All my research did turn up something really interesting though. An orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer, Taryn Rose. She makes heels that are supposed to be kind to your feet. They're predictably low, chunky heels and wedges, but not all bad. And honestly I'm not sure how kind they actually are.

So while my poor hair stylist is visiting the podiatrist, I will continue to laugh in the face of age, bunions, arthritis, bad knees, and logic and continue wearing my heels at illogical heights.

I'm sure it will all catch up with me someday and she and I can be hobbled next to one another, drinking martinis and talking about all the great shoes we used to wear. But until then I may as well look good.

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