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Gucci and the Perfect Pump

We all have those moments when you feel utterly victorious and suddenly invincible.

I want to thank Nordstrom for helping me with that feeling last week.

A colleague of mine needed a new pair of black pumps, and she was looking for something very specific. Classic, small platform, stiletto heel, but nothing too crazy. Classic toe so it wouldn't wave in and out of style. Something that is so easy, yet so hard to find.

As we wandered through Nordstrom we found a whole bunch of "almost" heels. The ones that are almost perfect except for the platform being too high or too low, the toe being too pointy or the heel being too skinny or too fat.

Finally we stood on the threshold between regular shoes and Salon Shoes.

"Let's just look," I nudged.

And so we took the fateful step, and there it was. The perfect pump. And it was Gucci.

Found: The perfect black pump
"Just try it on," I suggested.

And there was the salesman. Immediately helpful and showering us in Gucci with Prada alternatives.

So how much for the perfect, classic black pumps that fit perfectly and can be worn for everything from work to weddings? Umm...somewhere in the three digit range that was over $200. Of course I did what every good friend, coworker and shoeaholic does at that moment. I convinced her how perfect they were and how much she needed them. The sales guy didn't even have anything to say because I said it all. He just cradled the Gucci shoe so she could see it and nodded in agreement.

Seriously, I should have been working for Nordstrom just then.

Convinced she agreed, whipped out the card and we were off to pick up lunch, new shoes in hand. And despite the fact that I didn't get anything, I felt victorious. I was part of the purchase of the perfect pump, and it was designer.

It was also the most money I had ever convinced anyone to spend on a single item.

Before she took them home at the end of the day I took another look at them, sitting in their classic brown box and smelling of sweet leather, fashion and love.

It's also the smell of envy and victory. I may not have my own Gucci pumps yet, but I suddenly feel I can convince people to buy anything.