Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ShoeDazzle, Birthdays and Vodka

This January 8 has proven to be a big day. Mom's birthday (along with Elvis and David Bowie), I found out Stoli is on sale at Target for $7, and it was announced that Rachel Zoe is taking over from Kim Kardashian as chief stylist at ShoeDazzle.

ShoeDazzle, and I'm obsessed with them.
One of these things actually has to do with the blog, and unfortunately it's not the vodka (which I didn't get because apparently not all Targets carry booze). 

Some reports I read say Zoe is replacing Kardashian, and some say that she's joining her. My personal guess is that Kardashian is going to slide away into the ethers and have nothing to do with the site. Between the love her/hate her relationship America has with Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan,  her impending bundle of screaming joy (the baby, not Kanye), her show and whatever it is she and her sisters have going with Sears and their own store, she's probably too busy for a shoe site she was never mentioned on anyway. 

Don't get me wrong, I love me some ShoeDazzle. I have a membership and a couple pairs of their shoes. It's a good way to find some great trends on the cheap. They also have some great shoes designed by celebrities like Denise Richards, Jenny McCarthy, Perez Hilton, and Jennie Garth, all of which benefit charities.

Another thing they've started, but marketed poorly, is designer collaborations. So you can get shoes by Penny Loves Kenny, Chinese Laundry, Michael Antonio, Ardiente by Luichiny and more. Sure, they're a little more expensive, but they're also exclusive, and they are great looking shoes. 

Some of their other shoes on their site are the same thing you can find on other membership sites like JustFab. Kinda kills that whole "exclusivity" thing, huh?

These are Rachel Zoe from Nieman Marcus.
I'd like to see some more stuff like this on ShoeDazzle. 
I think the big question is whether or not there will be any changes at ShoeDazzle with Zoe at the helm. Will she be making real changes or just be a picture on marketing pieces they send out? 

I personally would like to see some real changes. ShoeDazzle has some really great shoes, but the quality could use a bit of upgrading. Maybe more leather options, some more textures and fabrics, a lot more exclusive designs, and some special deals for long-time members. 

What we don't want (and what we'll probably end up with) is a bunch of "style tips" from Zoe that are nothing we can't find anywhere else, see her face plastered on things and hear all about whatever she thinks is "maj." 

In short, ShoeDazzle needs to focus more on shoes and less on who their hot celebrity stylist of the moment is. Lucky for them, that's just my opinion, and I think that Zoe will attract a bunch of people that were weary to join anything associated with a Kardashian, even if we all know that neither one will ever choose a pair of shoes for us.

Now it you'll excuse me, I have to go to the Target that sells booze so I can get my $7 Stoli to drink while I shop for shoes online. 

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