Thursday, January 3, 2013

Peeps in the Winter

There's a season for every kind of shoe. Summer is for sandals, strappy things, and those god-awful plastic atrocities better known as flip-flops. Winter brings out oxfords, things that are furry, and those wretched, heave-inducing Uggs.

But what do you do with a pair of peep toes? Is there a season for the dress shoe that's not a sandal but not a pump? Does it make a difference if it has a sling-back?

There are obvious reasons this is a bad idea. 

These are the things I think about in my insomnia filled nights.

The conclusion I came to was that where you live has a lot to do with the kind of shoes you can wear in the various seasons.

Warmer climates can wear strappy sandals, peep toes and various other skin-showing shoes all year, because they don't have to worry about frost-bite. Places that actually have seasons (such as my beloved Chicago) are a little less kind to exposed skin anywhere, including the feet. The good news though is that sometimes it's so damn cold you won't notice if a toe freezes and snaps off.

On the other hand, the warmer climates can get away with never, ever wearing hideous snow boots and things like Uggs. They do, but they shouldn't.

I wore these to work today and it's 20 degrees.

Yes, they do. I was in Florida in February last year and saw girls in Uggs in 75 degrees.

Fashion tip: If you live in a place where there are palm trees, you don't need snow boots.

I personally can't live without my peep toes, and find ways to wear them all year. Work is a great place to wear them because you often get the chance to change. When it's 15 degrees below zero or four feet of snow on the ground you're not wearing pumps to the office, no matter what the toe looks like.

You can also wear them out for the evening, assuming you're planning on being inside.  Going from the car or cab into a restaurant/bar/club is no big deal (as long as you can walk in your shoes). But if you're going to be wandering from place to place... well, I know some girls who have gotten nasty frostbite on their feet while waiting for cabs or standing outside smoking in the winter, but that's a price some are willing to pay.

Strappy heels and sandals I'm OK with retiring until the weather heats up again. Strappy sandals are like bikinis for your feet, and there's no point in looking like you're ready to salsa when the weather calls more for the tarantella. 

My advice is not to hide away the peep toes and sling backs until things start to thaw and your toes won't freeze. Instead, but on your big girl pants, take a deep breath, and go outside into the freezing cold with your feet partially exposed. It'll be liberating, empowering, and doesn't force you to limit yourself to quite as many "logical" and "seasonal" shoes.

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