Sunday, January 13, 2013

Learn to Walk Before You Win

I often bitch and moan about women who can't walk in heels. It bothers the shit out of me.

Did she actually walk the red carpet or just lurch along? 
I understand that not all women wear heels all the time, and I don't expect it. Though there are some times when heels are almost necessary. Prom, weddings...giant award shows like the Golden Globes. And during those times it is of the utmost importance that you know how to walk in heels.

Tonight during the Golden Globes Lena Dunham, writer of Girls, embarrassed herself and women everywhere when she stumbled and cow-walked her way up to the stage to accept two Golden Globes.

It's seriously one of the most awkward things I've ever seen. If she didn't aggravate me so much, I would have felt bad for her. (Yeah, sorry world, she's not funny).

You would think that she would have given her new heels a stroll before she got into her old prom dress (sorry Zac Posen) and got into a cab to go to the awards show.

Instead she embarrassed herself by apparently walking in heels for the first time ever in her life when her name was called for an award.

I'm not sure if she did the red carpet in those heels, but if so I'm glad I missed it because it would have been a painful, horrifying thing to watch.

Ladies, don't let this happen to you. Either wear flats with your gown (no one will ever know), or learn how to walk before you leave the house. There is no half-assing your way through life if you're wearing big girl shoes.


Figgy_Stardust said...

Here's the thing: Yes, she probably should have worn better shoes. But let's be honest, Lena had a stylist and that stylist did not do their job (it was Brad Gorskei, btw). The twitter/internet flurry about Lena's shoes made me furious. Clearly she should have to rename her show (that she WROTE, DIRECTED AND STARRED IN) because she wore heels that were an inappropriate choice. It's ridiculous that the conversation is more focused on her "cow walk" than her TWO Golden Globes at age 26.

Cat said...

Good for her on her two Golden Globes. Problem is, I don't care. Her show isn't funny to me and she's obnoxious. Her inability to walk in heels only annoys me more.

Figgy_Stardust said...

Ugh, but we NEED to judge women by more than their ability to look pretty. You don't have to think she's funny, you don't have to like her show, but you DO have to acknowledge that she is more than her clothes. Or rather, her ability to wear them. Otherwise, you expect/accept that that is how we judge everyone. Including you. Your words become meaningless because someone thinks that your shoes are wrong.

I'm not picking on you, but I do think the dialogue surrounding this is disgusting. Conversations like this are just so awful for women.

Figgy_Stardust said...

And besides, if Lena Dunham could walk in heels, then "Girls" wouldn't make any damn sense.

Cat said...

I totally judged her for more than her inability to walk in heels (and she should have just worn flats). I also judge her by her unfunny show. I think it's great she won two Golden Globes, and she's only 26 and a woman, it's just too bad someone that I liked didn't win. And to be fair I would totally judge a man for the same thing.

All I'm saying is, regardless of gender, if you're going to be on a red carpet (and potentially a stage) during a televised event, then make sure you can move in your clothes.