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Mom Loves Kate Spade Keds

Who doesn't have amazing memories of Keds? Those fabulous white canvas shoes that were never quite right after your mom put them in the washing machine.

Eventually they came in other colors so that they hid dirt better. I remember being so jealous of a kid in my third grade class with a pair of black, multi-colored leopard slide on Keds. Then I moved on with my life, found heels, and the rest is history (or something).

But if Keds are still your thing, but you want them to be a little classier than multi-colored leopard, Kate Spade has a line of Keds coming out. Which means nothing to me, but when I posted something to Facebook about not wearing Kate Spade Keds because I'm not in middle school anymore, my phone rang almost immediately.

It was my mother.

These are going to be all over the country club.
Mom: "What's wrong with Keds? Some of these are really cute."

Me: "I'm sure they are, but it's not really my style."

Mom: "But why? They'd be cute in the summer with a pair of capris."

Me: "Yeah, I'll pair them with my tennis sweater. It'll be awesome."

She laughed, called me a smart ass, and described pairs to me that she thought I would like. Wedges, booties, even something she called "bootie smootie wedges" (WTF?) which can be found "under the green hair bow." (I'm not sure what site she was on, but she was totally into them).

There are cap toes, polka dots, stripes and various colors, and they're cute. But at the end of the day they're Keds, and that's just really not me.  Taylor Swift has a line of Keds, for the love of god. I can't think of many people on the planet who are probably as opposite me as Taylor Swift and her girly, floral print, broken heart.

But apparently my Mom really likes them, and I won't be surprised when she ends up with a pair or two. In fact, I'm sure her and preppy ladies everywhere will buy the hell out of these.

As for me, I'll stick with Kate Spade handbags and heels. Still preppy, but I can style the hell out of them, and it won't involve a tennis sweater.