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National Hat Day

Happy National Hat Day.

Because that’s a thing, and given my renewed obsession with hats, I really feel the need to celebrate this year.

Hers and his hats
I’ve always loved hats. They’re the perfect funky and unexpected accessory, the ultimate solution to a bad hair day (or a day you just don’t want to do your hair) and can dress up or down any outfit (depending on the hat).

Most people are probably whining right now that they don’t look good in hats and are jealous of the fact that I do, and blah, blah, blah. People who think that simply have not tried on the right hat. There’s a hat for everyone out there you just have to find it.

To find your perfect hat, you need to find a good haberdasher. That’s a fancy word for “hat maker.” My personal favorite in Chicago is Goorin Brothers. I first fell in love with them in New Orleans on a trip a few years ago. Now that they’re in Chicago it’s a little easier to get there and visit all my favorite hats, and lust after new ones.

Recently I bought a cloche style hat, and it turns out it’s damn near perfect for the fall and winter weather, and looks fantastic with pretty much every coat I own (except that stupid puffy one for the sub-zero days). The blue jewel on the band dresses it up a little bit too, and adds a touch of sparkle.

Thor loves the Paulie
During that same trip my husband, who is also a hat person, bought a baseball cap. It’s probably the nicest baseball cap he owns, and it makes him giggle because there’s a giant rooster on it, which says “Cock."

We’re classy like that.

Over the holiday season I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the Paulie fedora from Goorin Brothers and the Chicago Blogger Network. I finally got in to pick it up the other day, and now have this amazing, basic black fedora which has been worn constantly.

I wish I could wear hats at work. Instead I’ll settle for a hat to dinner and drinks.

So bust out your hats and wear them with confidence. A pair of high heels and a good hat project confidence (and the amazing ability to accessorize), so get on it. Find a haberdasher, pick out your ideal hat and celebrate National Hat Day. Because anyone and everyone can wear a hat. The trick is finding the right one.