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Spring Trends and Last Year's Heels

As we look towards spring with longing (Chicago is getting freezing rain now), there are a couple footwear trends that should be noted so we can all not embarrass ourselves by having shoes that are out of style.

Fergie Footwear does a great chunky heels with the Maiden.
According to sites that track trends no one cares about, the chunky heel is going to be all the rage come spring. Gone will be the stiletto heel and we'll all be partying like it's the late '90s in chunky heeled shoes and listening to the Spice Girls.

Or not, but whatever.

In all actuality, I really, really doubt this trend will push stilettos out of the limelight. Mostly because I can't think of a time when you couldn't walk into a store and not find an amazing pair of pin-like stiletto heels. Plus plenty of designers are still releasing stiletto heels for spring, and I will continue to buy them.

There's also the really awkward point that last spring you could also buy chunky heel shoes.

What? Oh yeah, so it's not really a trend at all. It's more like another heel width that people will be wearing, and have already been wearing for at least a year.

Celine fur pumps.
It's like Big Bird was made into a shoe!
Which means I'm dying for them. 
Then there's the trend of shoes with hair. We all know about pony and calf hair heels, and how I'm totally obsessed with them. Celine took this a step further and created fur covered heels for the Spring Summer 2013 collection. Mink, to be specific.

Some of them were a little too weird for me, but it's mostly because sandals are still funny looking when they have fur on them. But the heels were pretty awesome. Also, they have a chunky and a stiletto heel.

In short, again this spring and summer anything seems to go. Metallics are still big, and ankle straps are on everything, much to the chagrin of girls with cankles. Oh, and then there's the florals and color blocking. That's still a thing, so don't throw those heels to your puppy to use as a chew toy just yet.

In fact, at the rate we're going, it seems like all the trends of last year are here to stay (at least for spring) and new ones are on the way in. And really, that's a total win for everyone. Especially me, because I'm pretty sure I still have some shoes from last year I haven't managed to wear yet.