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Socks and shoes

First, I want to admit that I don't really like wearing tights. They're itchy, they never fit right, the waist band pulls up to your chest, the seam cuts your toe. I'm sure everyone who has ever worn a pair can add to that list. I feel the same way about socks. I wear them with boots and in the winter because I have to. Otherwise, I generally avoid it. When I'm wearing sandals and peep toes...that's not the time to bust out the socks.

Now I realize that this is a trend. Socks and heels are back a la Madonna "Lucky Star," and I can accept, and even embrace it. But with sandals or peep toes? Barf. No exceptions. InStyle and Lucky currently disagree with me, but remember how behind Lucky is on shoe trends?

Same rules with peep toes and stockings. Why in the hell would you wear a shoe that shows off your toes if you're just going to obscure them in some opaque, seamed monstrosity? That's a total waste of a pedicure.

Some people can rock the fishnets with open toes, and it looks good. I am not one of those people, and I realize that, but this new trend of pairing socks with heels I just don't get.

Some fashion trends you just shouldn't give in to, and this is one. You want to be fashion forward, get a pedicure and don't let your feet look like that picture. And no, those ARE NOT my shoes, or my legs for that matter.