Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Caught in sequins

I love anything that sparkles. Always have. As a child my dad used to call me a magpie because I would literally run off down the street to catch anything that shimmered in the sun. Sometimes the treasure was change, a piece of tinsel, glass on the sidewalk, and every so often it would be sequins.

Maybe I loved them because they were on all my dance costumes and made me beautiful. Or maybe it was because it was the 1980s and Dynasty and Falcon crest were all the rage, so every store you went into had dresses covered sequins. Whatever the reason, it's still something I love, and I never miss a chance to sparkle.

Currently I have only one pair of sequin shoes, which seems unacceptable. They're black peep toes and were bought to wear to a friend's wedding. Her only direction regarding shoes, was that they be black. This of course launched a months long search for the perfect shoes that would probably never be seen under our floor length dresses. Daily I sent her texts asking about bows, crocodile prints, platforms, stilettos, and finally, sequins.By the time she said yes (probably to shut me up), they were as good as bought.

That night the only reason people saw them is because the bridal party took pictures showing off our shoes, and I'm pretty sure I was the one who prompted that. Since them I have worn them twice, and I have learned a valuable lesson, that I must also remember: sequins catch.

How a girl that has been wearing sequins her whole life constantly forgets this is beyond me, but I did. So this week I almost fell on my face at the office because my sequin heels were catching on the hem of my pants. Then I remembered that I spent the whole night of my friend's wedding getting the tulle un-caught from the sequins of my shoes, trying not to fall, and worried I was going to rip a patch of sequins off the shoes and create a bald spot.

This sequin issue creates a whole host of issues regarding future outfits, and when the best time to wear those shoes is. The only reason I dared to wear them into corporate America was because they were toned down by the pants. If they were on full display, highlighted by my white legs and red toes peeping out, it is inevitable that they would be noticed, and I'm trying to avoid being talked to about my clothes at work (again).

Perhaps they're best left to weekend brunches, trips to the grocery store, vacuuming and the like. It seems that corporate America is really the only place that sequins aren't welcome.

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