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Studded with envy

It's rare that I'm jealous of other people's shoes. Not because I'm a total snob (maybe just a little), but because I generally have the shoe or a variation of the shoe that someone has that I love, or it's super cute, but not something I would wear, as in the case of flats.

Props to Melissa who has now for some time taunted me with the object of my envy. This time it was at her 30th birthday celebration where she rocked them with her black pedicured toes.

Gladiator style sandals with silver studs and rhinestones from Bebe.

I love them. I think there's actually a picture of me cuddling with them at a bar one night she wore them (I'm pretty sure alcohol was involved). I have nothing like it, and in my travels have not found anything that is quite this cool. They have set the bar for rhinestone studded sandals so high that everything is a failure in comparison. I can't even go by them because they don't carry them anymore.

So the hunt continues. One day I'll find something this insanely impractical, yet beautiful.


VelvetJinxx said…
I agree, you should have those. They have all the earmarks of your brand of splendor: danger, sparkle, restraint.

You could always kill her.
Cat said…
Actually, I can't. She wears a larger size than I do. (Sigh)