Thursday, April 8, 2010

But I wore my most responsible shoes!

Maybe not my most responsible in terms of heel height, but they're pretty conservative as far as my shoes go.

Today I had the challenge of wearing something to work that was business casual, but professional, as there were people to impress in the office today, and something that was fun and funky, yet professional, for a meeting tonight with a decorator.

And the shoes had to be able to traipse around the city in our suddenly frigid Spring weather on and off the Blue Line from the Loop to Logan Square and back home again.

It's hard to find something that easily fits so many occasions.

Enter blue patent leather shoes from Delicious: They are professional and look great with the blue pinstripe pants. Paired with a cashmere sweater we're classy and professional while still exhibiting personal style.The heel and platform are understated, and the heel is wider, allowing for more walking and less teetering. The fringe and tassels are reminiscent of the loafers my dad used to wear to work in the 1980s, so they make me feel very grown up and corporate. 

Then my meeting in Logan Square got rescheduled for Monday (although for a good reason), and the whole shoe thing went straight to hell. Now I'm wearing my sensible, professional, almost walking shoes, with no where to walk to, and the added dilemma of finding another pair of sensible walking shoes for Monday.

And to answer your question, no, I can't wear these again because that's a lot of shoe repeating in one week. Enough people have commented on these shoes today that they can't come out again for at least two weeks, as everyone will remember them; and I only have one thing that matches these shoes, which I'm currently wearing.


Anonymous said...

So does that mean there will be shopping for 'responsible shoes' this weekend?

Cat said...

Time permitting I am always shopping for shoes, and if by "responsible" you mean on sale, then yes.