Thursday, April 1, 2010

The price of comfort is ugly

As the weather warms up people start to bust out smaller clothes and shoes that bare a little more. Boots give way to sandals, slingbacks, peep toes, and everyone gets pedicures and has pretty feet (hopefully).

Summer also brings some not-so-great fashions too, one of which I will never understand: Crocs

I'm sure that plastic shoes are amazing if your gardening (which I don't) or happen to need to be able to clean your shoes in the sink, but as a fashion statement these are an amazing and instant failure. Really, has anyone actually looked at these and what they do to your feet. It's like Mickey Mouse feet in technicolor. And I bet they make your feet sweat. So now your feet are ugly, sweaty, and by default stinky.

Comfort is no excuse for the litany of issues these shoes create.

And now, to solidify their place in fashion forever, they have heels and wedges available. I have no doubt these will start cropping up around the office with business casual, as people go on and on about the comfort of their sweat-filled foam shoes, and I start walking around, staring at the sky, hoping that the ugly doesn't find its way to my eyes and sear them out faster than the sun.

It's one thing if you have them for walking the dog, bumming around the house, or picking up the kids, but wearing them out as part of an outfit is wholly unacceptable.

Another issue with these shoes (and there are so many) is that they're not even cheap! Oh, cheaply made, sure. Really, how long will foamy plastic last scuffing along the streets of the city? But the price is abhorrent! $30 for something that's hideous and going to give you swamp foot? I'm no stranger to cheap or plastic shoes, but you bet I didn't ever spend $30 on ugly.

Granted, I may have issues with my feet because of heels, and I bet people with Crocs on can bedazzle their shoes with plastic crap like plastic jewels and Hello Kitty heads more than I can, and I only have one pair of shoes with holes on them, and they're pink leather sandals, but I would rather teeter around the city in sky-high fabulousness than be caught looking like a Disney character any day.


VelvetJinxx said...

Agreed. Crocs are gross. Sorry, world.

Nicholas said...

Laughing so hard I'm crying! Couldn't agree more... they are hideous!