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Blocking Out Heels

I'm really into this whole color blocking trend going on right now. In reality it's simply the absence of patterns and wearing more than one color at a time, so it's basically how I've always dressed because my wardrobe is totally void of patterns.

When it comes to shoes though, color blocking gives a new aesthetic that wasn't so prevalent before. This season it's easy to find shoes of every color with contrasting platforms, heels and toes.

Three basic colors will go with anything. 
I finally broke down a got a pair, and in pearl clutching surprise, they are not sky-high heels in obnoxious colors. Instead I went classic and subdued with a pair of beige, tan and black leather, round toe color block heels from Banana Republic.

I saw them when they first hit the store a couple months ago, and had somehow (and for some unknown reason) resisted buying them until this weekend. Finally I gave in, realizing that not only are they some kind of retro-inspired amazing, but they'll also go with damn near anything I wear to work.

That certainly doesn't men I am going to temper my use of colored heels in the workplace, but instead this provides another option when my look is a little more conservative and classic. They'll also go flawlessly with suits, which means they can be a go-to shoe for traveling and cut the anxiety of needing multiple pairs of shoes. (We'll see how that theory works out).

These amazing little shoes have also given me a billion new outfit ideas, at least half of which involves buying new clothes, so they're also acting as a catalyst to expand my wardrobe.

As for all the other colors out there, don't worry. I'll get to the bright, obnoxious color blocked shoes. In fact, I may already have some sitting in my closet. It's getting kind of hard to keep track.