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RIP Red Heels

Years ago I bought what instantly became my favorites shoes. Red, round toe sling backs with red and black piping by Nine West.

They were the perfect combination of trendy and classic. Something simple with a '60s flair that went with everything. I wore them more than I ever thought I would wear red shoes.

It turns out when your entire wardrobe is black and white, red shoes go with everything.

They look so much better in the picture.
Then this week they died.

I slipped them off at the end of the day, looked down, and realized that they were really done. Little red flecks from the inside leather inside of the shoes had peeled off and were all over my feet. Plus the white piping along the side of the shoe was cracking and peeling, the red heels had become discolored from being subjected to water, snow and whatever other stupidity I had subjected the heels to over the years.

All this simply adds up to their ultimate demise.

I really am way more upset about this whole thing than I should be. I've been watching these shoes slowly deteriorate over the past year or so, and knew this was coming, but they were still one of my favorites.

Now I have to find new red shoes, and every pair seems to pale in comparison to these. I can't find anything with that '60s, flair, and the perfect combination of red, black and white. I wish Nine West would reissue them I'm not even sure that happens, but if it does that would be awesome. Plus then I could buy multiple pairs so I can wear them forever.