Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Celebrity Shoes

I decided I should have my own shoe line. I mean why not? I like shoes, probably know more about them than a lot of women, have some great design ideas...all good things if you're going to start a shoe line.

Who'd have thought this guy would make women's shoes?
Oh, then there's also the fact the apparently now anyone can design shoes.

Halle Berry has joined the long (and ever growing) list of celebs who has a shoe line. She will be "designing" 40 pairs of limited edition shoes for Deichmann, which will launch next month in the UK. Many others preceded her, some with their own brand, including Carlos Santana (love the shoes but does that even make sense?), Fergie (she actually wears her own line), Madonna (will never wear her own line), Jessica Simpson (better at fashion than singing), Cindy Crawford (also designed for Deichmann), Kanye West (I wish I was kidding), Gwen Stefani (we all love L.A.M.B.) and a bunch of celebs who designed shoes for Stewart Weitzman.

Dear Brian Atwood, I am obsessed with these.
This isn't even including the partnerships shoe clubs like ShoeMint, ShoeDazzle, JustFabulous and countless others.

So I've decided that it stands to reason that if all those people can launch their own shoe lines, I should too. Except I'd like to actually design my own, as opposed to having a bunch of other people designing them.

So what's stopping me?

That would be money. That's a big difference between Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry and me. They all have ass tons of dough at their disposal, financial backers, and knows all the right people. I work my ass off 60 hours a week at a non-fashion related day job in a sky-scraper to pay the bills. Sinking money into making my own shoes isn't really practical at this point in my life.

And sure, I'd be happy to partner with someone who would slap my name on some mutually agreed upon designs, but it turns out I'm just not that important yet. Maybe one day I will be, but not yet.

So until the day Brian Atwood calls me for a meeting (he's got to return to Chicago sometime), I'll just keep jamming my closet with shoes from other people, both designers and celebrities. Because if there's one thing I do know and appreciate, it's a good pair of shoes. Even if I can't always afford them.

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