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Obtaining Obsessions

Sunday early afternoon I was sitting back with a cup of coffee after yoga and breakfast, and checking Facebook on my phone. It's the usual threads of what people had for breakfast, pictures of their kids and weekends, and shoes.

Shoes fill my feed. Between every image of a smiling child and drunken smiles were pictures of shoes. From the affordable to the unaffordable they were all staring at me until something really caught my eye. Charles David shoes at 50% off.

I have been obsession over these for months.
I clicked the link and browsed through the teeny tiny pictures of Charles David fabulousness on my phone, then I moved onto page 2, and there they were, staring at me. Charles by Charles David black phony hair heels with tie tassels across the top of the foot, trimmed in black patent leather. Perfection. The ones I first saw at Fashion's Night Out, saw again in Miami on a business trip (but they were out of my size) and that I couldn't find on the Charles David website. And there they were, and there were only three left in my size.

I almost tripped over myself running into the other room to grab a computer and my wallet. I logged into Facebook to find the link again and find the shoes. I had to move fast because I was convinced there were undoubtedly legions of other tiny-footed women who love things with pony hair and/or tassels all trying to get the shoes at the same time as me.

Frantically punching in all the information, I hit submit, holding my breath, expecting some kind of message to pop up and tell me that they can't fulfill my order. Instead I got a confirmation message, and a confirmation email.

I squealed with delight, flipped the computer around and showed my husband my amazing find.

"Don't you already have those?" he asked.

Screw him. What does he know anyway?