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Wedging into Summer

No 6 from DSW
I recently went shopping with my sister, hunting for a pair of black wedge sandals. The kind of fabulous basic sandal that will get you through all summer.

I have a couple pairs of black sandals, all split wedges, peep toe, strappy and in both cases fabulous. They're the perfect shoe to go with a pair of capris, shorts or sundresses, and can be dressed up or down.

After a failed attempt to find the perfect sandals at a couple different places, I promised to look for her and find a couple different options.

Fergie Footwear
DSW has a ton of options available, one of the best being the Mix No. 6 Erin Wedge Sandal. The wooden platform gives a great contrast to the black leather, and the woven detailing across the top of the foot it a nice detail.

Fergie Footwear has a great pair of black wedge sandals too (and they're on sale), these with an ankle strap, which is one of my favorite styles out this spring. The Queenie Too sandal gives more of a peep toe look than a traditional sandal, which makes it easier to dress up than a more traditional sandal.

If you're looking for something that's a little more of a traditional wedge, the Lynn by Matiko (available through Zappos) has a black wedge, criss cross straps and a buckle. It's guaranteed to go with just about anything and serves as an understand shoe.

In the event that espadrilles are your thing, then you're totally on your own. That's one trend I haven't bought into. There's something about a woven wedge that just seems off to me, and the traditional espadrille with their canvas shoe and weird toe shape are something I'm out on. Plus I am convinced that those woven wedges will look, and smell, like ass as soon as they get wet in some inevitable summer storm.

So embrace the unseasonably warm weather and pretend Spring is here to stay and start ordering sandals. Hopefully my sister finds one soon because I'm ready to start looking for more fun shoes. Mostly for me, but I can look for other people too.