Monday, March 19, 2012

Night Clubbing

Dance clubs are great places to people watch. You can see all kinds of degenerate behavior, rhythmless people, failed pickups, and of course, all the crazy clothes.

They're not all bad, but not for the nightlife.
Also prevalent this weekend: flats.

I apparently missed when it became OK to wear flats out to clubs and bars. I mean, girls always dressed like idiots and maniacs (myself included), but it somehow looks less stupid when paired with a nice pair of heels.

Everywhere I turned they were there. Flats. ballet pumps, peep toes, garish bows, and plain old boring flats that weren't even worth noticing. The worst was when they were paired with mini skirts. I wish I had my camera to document some of these atrocities. Maybe I could have done some people a favor by posting photos of their hideous wardrobe mistakes.

A tip to the girl in the sequin mini; next time don't pair it with a t-shirt (pretty sure there was a unicorn or panda or some such shit on it), open toe flats, and remember that a hairstyle (or a hairbrush for that matter) won't kill you.

If you can't wear these to a club...
It wasn't all bad though. Two girls had raided Akira this weekend. One was rocking the hell out of some Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk heel-less shoes on the dance floor, and her friend had on a great pair of spike Litas, but that was about it.

Sure there was the regular stuff. Gym shoes, boots, probably a pair of flip flops, and general bullshit, but it seemed like everyone around was making an effort to dress not to impress. Ladies, this is just not acceptable. Married, single, coupled, whatever, there is no excuse for not dressing up if you're planning on going out for a night on the town. A pub is one thing, but if you're going to make googly eyes at the guy in the plaid shirt while convulsing in a way that may or may not be dancing, step up the effort.

Remember that dressing up always, always includes heels, wedges, or some kind of lift.

Or dress so your shoes go with your outfit.  And for the love of all things holy, leave the unicorn shirt at home.

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