Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rodarte Unveils Fall/Winter Perfection

Rodarte has unveiled their new shoes, made in house for Fall 2012/Winter 2013, and they're amazing.

I promise I'd wear these all the time.
I love anything with insane collars, feathers, metal, mesh  or other bizarre fabrics, textures or shapes, so of course I love most of their collection. Black Swan made me want to shun my bad knee and tape my breasts down so I could pretend to be a ballerina and wear their tutus. Not to mention the headdresses. (The makeup I can do myself). 

I'm such a sucker for looking like a total maniac. 

Now there's the upcoming season's shoes. Dear God they're beautiful. Chunky heels, Mary Jane shapes, ankle ties, mock boots and puffy Joan Jetson-esque strips. Some even have metal detailing on the heels. None of the shoes have feathers, but they aren't really practical for Fall and Winter anyway. 

I literally started salivating when I saw all these shoes.

How can these be more awesome?
This Fall ready-to-wear shoe collection makes me want to hunt down these heels and charge up my credit cards until they begin to melt. Which would probably only take one pair of shoes, but whatever. That one pair would be the pride of my collection. 

For a little while anyway. 

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