Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stepping Out in Green

John Fluevog can do green
Saint Patrick’s Day always calls for people to make themselves as green as possible. Literally. Hair, face paint, eyes, lips, clothes and of course shoes. In Chicago we even take it a few steps further and make the beer and the river green(er). 

I’m not Irish at all, so I don’t usually take part in all this greenness. Once I went to the South Side Irish parade and my dark hair, lack of green and North side “look” stuck out like a sore thumb in the middle of all those pale, Irish redheads clad in head to toe green. 

Luckily everyone was also really drunk, so I’m pretty sure no one cared. 

Now with the greenest of all holidays just around the corner again, I feel like I should at least make some sad attempt at giving a crap about it, and drag out something green. After all, my husband and brother-in-law are both part Irish, so at least it’s somewhere in the family. 

Plus St. Patrick’s Day gives the opportunity to buy new, green shoes. 

If you’ve never wanted green shoes, let me assure you that you will wear them more than you think. At least you may. And if not then you get to say you own green shoes. 

These aren't for St. Patrick's Day
You can go with neon green and hit the parades and bars in a pair of day-glow pumps, and they’ll still be on-trend after the holiday. 

If more subdued is your thing, look for something with more of a minty-pastel color. It will be great with floral sun dresses and cropped pants. 

I actually do own one pair of green sandals, although they’re hardly all green, and I’ve owned them so long I forgot where I even got them, but with their garish flower and ankle ties, I have managed to wear the hell out of them every summer for the last few years. Usually they don’t make an appearance on St. Patrick’s Day because in Chicago it's usually still snowing, but with this March’s unseasonably warm temps, I guess it’s a possibility. 

Whatever your green decision, make sure it’s something that can continue to be worn well after the river is back to normal and the local Irish have scrubbed themselves of the green glitter. Then your shoes can simply be fabulous green, no matter the day. 

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